The Timothy Program is one of the most special opportunities we offer students in K5 through 12th grade at NCCS. In alignment with our heartfelt commitment to developing the whole student — mind, body and spirit — NCCS launched the Timothy Program in 2013 as a means of pairing older student volunteers with younger students for mentoring, encouragement, tutoring, and all-around support. Just as “iron sharpens iron,” our students have this opportunity to sharpen and grow from each other.

This program prayerfully pairs Upper School students with Lower and Middle School students to meet together regularly throughout the school year, for 30-plus hours, with the goal of supporting and nurturing each other. The pairs are revealed in a special breakfast at the beginning of the year, where meaningful conversations begin.

Every year, God does something really special across our school through this program, and it’s a beautiful cycle to see unfold.


What grade levels can be Timothy Program mentors?

Grades 9 – 12 can serve as mentors.

What grade levels can be mentors / mentees ?

The goal is for both the mentee and mentor to be able to grow and create a culture at NCCS where students can have role models to look up to and pour back into each other. Some mentors work to provide help academically, socially, spiritually, or just aim to be a role model or big brother/sister to the mentee. While we look to change up who our mentees are each year to offer the opportunity to many different students, it’s been cool to see some students with repeat mentors. Many of these students have built a close relationship and have been a part of going to extra sports games off NCCS campus, helping dress shopping for a middle school dance, or seeing a grade improve in the classroom because of help outside the classroom. Ultimately, the coolest stories are the ones that parents tell about how their student grew in confidence and was better equipped for the next stage of life because of their time meeting with their mentor.

How often do the pairs meet?

Pairs meet once a week for an hour throughout the school year. The mentor plans the meeting time and day with the parent, so it fits both of their schedules. This scheduling typically occurs during the Reveal Breakfast.

How many students participate each year?

Generally, over 110 students participate in the Timothy Program anually. In recent years, our counselors have been able to create around 55 mentor/mentee pairings, involving 115 students.

The Timothy Program
is just one of the programs
that makes NCCS a special family.

Emily Siller
Upper School Counselor



We are always struck by the authenticity of the faculty, staff, families and students at NCCS. It’s more than a school. It’s a family.
— NCCS Parent

After coming to NCCS, I felt myself become a different kid. I was able to stay more focused in the classroom because everyone here wants the best for you.
— NCCS Student

Our children aren’t just taught — they’re loved. NCCS teachers pour themselves into the students, molding who they become.
— NCCS Parent

At NCCS, we focus on glorifying God on and off the field. Becoming an athlete at North Cobb Christian changed who I am as an athlete and as a believer.
— NCCS Student

The Arts at NCCS lets me tap into gifts I never knew I had. I’ve found joy, purpose, and lifelong friends who share my passions.
— NCCS Student

I found the best spiritual leaders at NCCS. The teachers and staff ensure that our spiritual education is just as important as our academic success.
— NCCS Alumni

I am forever grateful to NCCS for making me the person I am today. I want to give back to provide the same opportunities for future generations.
— NCCS Alumni

It’s hard to explain, but the minute we walked in the doors, it felt like home. Our whole family has thrived within this precious school’s tight-knit community.
— NCCS Parent