Head of School Todd Clingman’s latest updates on Virtual Learning and the coronavirus quarantine at NCCS, below.


Good afternoon, NCCS,

Many of you may have already seen that Governor Kemp issued an executive order today, mandating that public schools stay closed through April 24. In the best interest of our students, faculty, and community, we are choosing to follow suit, meaning that April 27 would be the earliest we could now resume on-campus instruction. We will still have Spring Break the week of April 6-10, as planned. I hope that our faculty and students can enjoy some fresh air and downtime during that week.


I would also like to ask for your prayers for the family of Coach Ron Hill of Mount Vernon School, who lost his battle with coronavirus this week. As a fellow believer, we honor Coach Hill’s service to his students and lift up the entire Mount Vernon school community.

My hope is for us all to remain steadfast in prayer and to have eyes to see the blessings amidst the trials of this season. If your family and friends are healthy, thank the Lord for that. As you’re home with your family, thank God for increased time to be together. Let’s not stop thanking God for his provision in all things, even in this … especially in this.


And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your NCCS community for support. If your students become lonely or weary of virtual learning, please email your child’s teacher or counselor to receive encouragement, ideas, or a virtual appointment. Our counselors are keeping (remote) office hours during this time and are available for one-on-one video sessions with any student who needs counsel or support. Feel free to email your division counselor at any time to set up an appointment:

Lower School | Carol Ribeiro

Middle School | Kara Mawdesley

Upper School | Emily Siller

Thank you, once again, for your support and solidarity, NCCS Family.


Todd Clingman
Head of School
North Cobb Christian School




Dear NCCS Family,

My son and I were talking the other day and decided the most-used phrase right now is “unprecedented times.” And for good reason, I would say. I think we can all agree that never in our lifetime have we experienced anything even remotely like this, and we can’t imagine we ever will again. Though these “unprecedented times” have us all fairly anxious, and there are plenty of negative places for our minds to wander, I have been trying to keep my mind on the positives — the provision of our Lord, modern medicine, modern technology, more time with loved ones … all top that list.

Community Amidst Separation

I’m also reminded in times like these, how truly thankful I am for our NCCS community. I can’t imagine walking through this journey with any other group of people. Our teachers and principals have jumped into the world of virtual schooling like they’ve been preparing for months, when in reality it was a handful of days, and they are receiving rave reviews from our parents and students. As we navigate this unforeseen situation, our parents have been gracious and understanding, which is a tremendous blessing.

Progress During the Pause

I am also very thankful that, despite the current events, construction on the first phase of the new upper school building has continued! The precast panels will all be placed by the end of this week, giving us a shell of a building. You can see videos of the building here and here. Once that is complete, the next six to eight weeks will entail structural steel, the building slab, start of mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation, parking lot construction, and grading of the softball/middle school baseball field. If you and your family need a break from your quarantine, I would invite you to take a ride down McPhail Drive and see the progress as it unfolds.

Encouragement in the Unknown

The ongoing construction reminds me of the promise in Lamentations 3:22-23, which helps me more clearly focus on the positives in the middle of these uncertain times: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” We can rest knowing God is still in control and He still holds each new morning in His hands.

We are praying for our NCCS community during this time. If your family needs anything that we can help with, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. We look forward to celebrating the progress of the upper school building once we are all able to be together again!

Stay well and enjoy the time with your family!

In Him,

Todd Clingman
Head of School
North Cobb Christian School 


We are always struck by the authenticity of the faculty, staff, families and students at NCCS. It’s more than a school. It’s a family.
— NCCS Parent

After coming to NCCS, I felt myself become a different kid. I was able to stay more focused in the classroom because everyone here wants the best for you.
— NCCS Student

Our children aren’t just taught — they’re loved. NCCS teachers pour themselves into the students, molding who they become.
— NCCS Parent

At NCCS, we focus on glorifying God on and off the field. Becoming an athlete at North Cobb Christian changed who I am as an athlete and as a believer.
— NCCS Student

The Arts at NCCS lets me tap into gifts I never knew I had. I’ve found joy, purpose, and lifelong friends who share my passions.
— NCCS Student

I found the best spiritual leaders at NCCS. The teachers and staff ensure that our spiritual education is just as important as our academic success.
— NCCS Alumni

I am forever grateful to NCCS for making me the person I am today. I want to give back to provide the same opportunities for future generations.
— NCCS Alumni

It’s hard to explain, but the minute we walked in the doors, it felt like home. Our whole family has thrived within this precious school’s tight-knit community.
— NCCS Parent