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As a junior at North Cobb Christian School in 2010, Haley Denisoff (class of ’11) took a Spring Term trip to New York City and was bit by the Big Apple bug. Taking in the people, the vibe, the imposing buildings grazing the clouds, Haley knew that one day she would live in this mecca of creative energy — and, today, she does just that.

Haley works for the award-winning creative agency Socialyte, which manages some of the top influencer talent in the world, connecting global brands with social media superstars like Ty French, Marianna Hewitt and Adam Gallagher. We recently caught up with Haley in NYC and were honored as all get-out to hear the unique ways in which NCCS prepared Haley for success in the city.

Q | What does it take to succeed in a big city like New York?

HALEY | I think, living in New York, in this big, loud crazy city, surrounded by people who are so successful and so good at what they do, that it can definitely be really intimidating to come here and wonder, ‘How am I going to make it when there’s so many other people?’ I really think NCCS gave me the confidence, not only in academics and in people skills and life skills, but also in my faith, as well. I am confident in the abilities that the Lord has given me, and I was able to bring that foundation here and be a light in this city — to be in New York and to do great things.

Q | So, what’s it like to work with some of the world’s top social media influencers?

HALEY | Currently, I work at Socialyte. We get to work with incredible influencers like Marianna Hewitt, Adam Gallagher and Ty French, who are big names, big leaders in the space. It’s really cool to get to work with people of this caliber. I think NCCS really gave me the skills I needed to be successful in my career, bringing me up in an environment where I am confident in myself and the things that I learned — and training me to be able to interact with others who are at the top of their game.

Q | How did North Cobb Christian School uniquely prepare you for life and career success?

HALEY | At NCCS, I was part of the school’s NASOTA Program [now called The Academy of the Arts] where I really found my love for the arts and for dance, which I still carry with me to today. I think that impacted a lot of my career decisions; I’m still in a very creative field, working in brand partnerships and influencer account management. I think a lot of the experiences I had — being able to take leadership roles within the school, within student government, within yearbook, and in the arts program — really helped me to be in the role I have today and to achieve a leadership role at my job.

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NCCS alumni Haley Denisoff and Sarah Gold are still close, both living in NYC currently.

Q | How do you stay grounded in a busy, bustling environment like New York?

HALEY | In New York, there are lots of distractions and lots of noise, and being able to have the foundation that North Cobb Christian School brought to me is really so important. My junior year of high school, we took a trip to New York City [as part of what is now called Spring Term]. I remember being there with some of my best friends, and we experienced all these amazing parts of New York. We went to Broadway shows and toured different museums, and I remember walking around the streets thinking how beautiful and crazy this city is and how I wanted to live here. That’s a really important part of why I love this city and why I live here now — and why I want to live here for as long as God may let me. I also met my best friend at NCCS; we’re still best friends to this day. We both live in New York and spend a lot of time together. It’s incredible that we’ve been able to maintain this friendship for 15-plus years of our lives! And a lot of that is thanks to NCCS and the experiences we were able to have there together.

Q | What made your experience at NCCS so uniquely special? 

HALEY | I attended NCCS from 5th grade through 12th grade. I remember, I instantly made friends. I came from a previous school where I was having a hard time, and I remember transitioning to [North Cobb Christian School] and feeling so welcomed by my teachers and my friends. It was like that my entire experience there — all the way through middle school and high school, which I think is a really special and incredible experience to have.

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We are always struck by the authenticity of the faculty, staff, families and students at NCCS. It’s more than a school. It’s a family.
— NCCS Parent

After coming to NCCS, I felt myself become a different kid. I was able to stay more focused in the classroom because everyone here wants the best for you.
— NCCS Student

Our children aren’t just taught — they’re loved. NCCS teachers pour themselves into the students, molding who they become.
— NCCS Parent

At NCCS, we focus on glorifying God on and off the field. Becoming an athlete at North Cobb Christian changed who I am as an athlete and as a believer.
— NCCS Student

The Arts at NCCS lets me tap into gifts I never knew I had. I’ve found joy, purpose, and lifelong friends who share my passions.
— NCCS Student

I found the best spiritual leaders at NCCS. The teachers and staff ensure that our spiritual education is just as important as our academic success.
— NCCS Alumni

I am forever grateful to NCCS for making me the person I am today. I want to give back to provide the same opportunities for future generations.
— NCCS Alumni

It’s hard to explain, but the minute we walked in the doors, it felt like home. Our whole family has thrived within this precious school’s tight-knit community.
— NCCS Parent